What  colour is Sapphire?

2022 Sep 18th

What colour is Sapphire?

Did you know that Sapphire comes in every color of the rainbow, except red?

Every. Single. Colour.

Plus a few.

First up is one of the rarest of the Sapphire family, Padparadscha. Pronounced pod-par-ah’d-sha, this gorgeous and subtle stone named after the reddish-yellow lotus flower is equally controversial as it is rare. If you look at the Sapphire and the first thing you think of is that it could have been plucked from a mesmerizing sunset or last night’s salmon dinner, it is likely a Pad.

Like all colors, yellow covers a huge range. From natural pastel light yellow and lemon yellow, to a deep orangey-yellow or golden yellow, all are magnificent. Color is a personal preference, and you should always choose a stone with color that you and your partner like best. But the most sought after yellow, is a medium vibrant canary. The brighter and purer the yellow color, the more valuable the sapphire.
If you were considering a yellow diamond ring and were put off by the daunting price tag, then yellow sapphires are the right choice for you. You are very likely to find a beautiful sapphire comparable in color and quality that is within your price range.

Next up are cool tone teal and green Sapphires. These delicate colors are trending because of the unique and subtle color that packs an earthy punch. Coming from all over the world, teal and green stones can range from dark and broody with a surprising pop of color in the right light to faint, yet somehow bright, green.

Blue Sapphire gemstones set the standard by which other blue stones are measured. Their breathtaking blue and radiance have captured our imagination for millennia. As one of the “big three” precious stones, Sapphire’s many, many fans reach far beyond September birthdays and 45 th anniversaries. How does it hold so many in thrall? The color and brilliance cast a spell not easily broken.
History links Blue Sapphire gemstones to royalty as far back as Solomon who wore a Sapphire ring. That’s probably why Sapphire is associated with wisdom. Kings and Queens treasured its dazzling shade, believing Sapphires protected them from harm and envy. Lady Diana Spencer was a pre-school teacher when she received the most famous engagement ring in history: a 12-carat oval Ceylon Sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds.

Purple Sapphires are a durable alternative to amethyst; rich and deep and powerful all rolled up into one easy to wear, durable stone. Since purple can come in many different shades from violet to reddish, select a cool tone stone to match your white gold mounting and a reddish stone for your yellow mountings to bring out the best in your Purple Sapphire. It’s not unusual for Purple Sapphires to be color change (a sly change from purple to violet blue is what you would be seeing) stones, so make sure to take your stone outside to optimize its color.

Bicolor Sapphires exhibit more than one color within the same stone. This colorful combination can be any match you can think but are more commonly found in the blue-green-yellow range or the pink-purple-blue range. Generally cut into shapes that are longer to show off a pronounced color line, bicolor Sapphires can come in many shapes and sizes.
It is always a pleasure for us to work with special requests from our customers to make the most unique jewellery with these unusual stones. Let us know what might be of interest, and we will make your dream come true!